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New Titles

Congratulations to the following for earning their new titles:

Tom Klonis and Lazer for their BH!

This was Tom's first title.

He also had to take the written exam.

We think he studied harder for his BH than his Bar Exam.

Great Job, Tom and Lazer!

Tim Karchnak and Mutz for their SchH 1!

Tim and Mutz earned their first title together

at the Fair Hill SchH Club trial in October, 2004.

Great Job!

Carol Karchnak and Axel for their SchH 2!

Carol and Axel earned their title at

Fair Hill SchH Club in October, 2005.

Axel showed the crowd that he loves what he does

earning 271 points!!!

Axel had the High Owner Trained score and took 2d overall!

Carol Karchnak and Axel earn their SchH 3!!!

Carol believed Axel would be her first SchH 3 dog.

She was right!

Carol and Axel earned their SchH 3 at Central MD SchH Club

in April, 2005.